Grad Night ’22 Registration

ALL Grad Night ’22 forms are due by Monday, May 16. Forms must be filled out and submitted here with your registration, scanned and emailed to or turned into the front office. Additional forms are located in the AMHS Main Office or you can email us at and we can send additional copies to you.

Senior Release Form – Grad Night ’22

ALL SENIORS participating in the Grad Night ’22 festivities MUST have a completed Senior Release Form on file with AMHS Booster Club BEFORE signing up for a bus. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Emergency Care Plan – Grad Night ’22

The Emergency Care Plan (ECP) should only be submitted when a Senior Release Form is returned that indicates a senior has a life-threatening condition. The ECP must be completed by the senior’s parent(s) and returned to the committee to allow sufficient time to review the form and provide reasonable accommodations.