AMBC Forms

**REMINDER!!** As of 7.31.2023, each group must have their coach/advisor and 2 parent reps registered as active members of AMBC to spend, request bill payment, and request reimbursement/funds transfer, and fundraise for/from/of their Booster Club account.

AMBC Memberships are valid yearly through July 31st.

2024 Auburn Community Scholarship application (due Friday, March 31, 2024)
Student Letter of Recommendation Request Form
AMBC Membership Form (online form)
AMBC Membership Form (print out)
AMBC Volunteer Service Record (print out, complete and turn into Career Center)
Grad Night ’24 Registration (online form)
Grad Night ’24 Senior Release Form (double-sided print out)
Grad Night ’24 Emergency Care Plan (print out)
2024 Senior Sign Order Form (online form)
AMBC Business Donation Request Letter
AMBC Textile Drive Tax Receipt
AMBC Deposit Register (double-sided print out)Deposit Register Example
AMBC Deposit FormDeposit Form Example
AMBC ReimbursementReimbursement Example
AMBC Bill Payment FormBill Payment Form Example
AMBC Fundraising Intent (online form)
AMBC Request for Support **unavailable, being updated**
AMBC Transfer Funds to ASB
ASD Volunteer Application (online application w/ Auburn School District) 
updated 2/4/24 [email protected]