What we’ve been up to…

We support all clubs, sports and activities at Mountainview by hosting fundraising opportunities through several organized events each year, including…

  • Winter Bazaar: the 2021 Winter Bazaar raised over $2000
  • Spring Auction: the 2022 Spring Auction raised over $43,000
  • Textile Drives: Grad Night ’22 raised $2000 to support their Grad Night celebration
  • Concert/Pro Sporting Event concessions: the last concert series (pre COVID) raised over $28,000 for various groups that had participating volunteers
  • Supporting our AMHS families: donated $1500 in gift cards to 30 of our families in need.
  • Support our Auburn community: donated $750 to Auburn Food Bank

Why we do it

  • Senior Scholarships: $8500 raised for 2022 awards
  • Senior Grad Night events:
  • Sports field/equipment/uniform upgrades
  • Clubs/Activities support
  • Staff Appreciation: Valentines Day truffles, Staff Lunch planned for after Spring Break
  • Encourage community spirit
  • Banking services/non-profit status for over 30 groups at AMHS to assist with fundraising

Help us make a huge difference in our student’s high school experience. We’d love to have you!

Join the Auburn Mountainview Booster Club!

updated 4/9/22