Required Permits

Please work on obtaining the required permits to participate. The next show is 6/28/24.
Permits may be obtained:
-online (links available below, all will require you to pay the fees associated)
-in person on the following days (FREE):
1. Tuesday June 18th 2023, 5p – 8p @ AMHS. You must RSVP at this link to attend.

**Your best option: get both of these requirements completed at one time by attending an in person training (this will save you at least 4 hours and close to $80)**

Concert Volunteer Permit Requirements

Washington State Food Worker Card

-approx. $10 fee paid by the volunteer

-valid for 3 years

-the permit is yours to use when working concessions for any group/event, even not tied to AMBC

Alcohol Server Permits

TIPS & MAST Permits

Mandatory Alcohol Server Training (MAST) is required by law for persons who serve, mix, sell, or who supervise the sale of alcohol for on-premises consumption at a liquor-licensed establishment. TIPS is an approved third-party provider of MAST training. TIPS offers MAST training via the classroom conducted by WSLCB/TIPS certified trainers and online via TIPS.

LINK: TIPS Washington Mandatory Alcohol Server Training

(select the first course listed on the top left) The Washington MAST On-Premise Alcohol Server training program is a 5-hour program designed for servers at restaurants, bars, hotels, in-store tastings, or other establishments where alcohol is consumed on the premises. Employees learn strategies that ensure responsible alcohol service, promote professionalism, and enhance customer service skills.

-$40 fee paid by the volunteer

-valid for 3 years

-18yrs and older (MAST Class 12 for 21+, MAST 13 for 18+)

The Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) has approved the TIPS online program as a MAST alcohol training course. Upon successful completion of the TIPS course participants will receive a Class 12 /13 permit based upon age. Permits will be mailed by Health Communications, Inc. within 30 days. Meanwhile participants can use the printable proof of successful completion immediately upon successful completion of the TIPS MAST course. 

If you are unsure about your TIPS certification you can check here.

MAST 12/13

-18yrs and older (MAST Class 12 for 21+, MAST 13 for 18+)

-approx. $30 fee paid by volunteer

Permit requirements while working
You must have your MAST permit and a valid form of ID readily available for inspection by law enforcement any time you perform duties that include the sale, service or handling of alcohol. The permit is your property, not the property of your employer. If your employer requests it, provide a copy of your permit to your employer and keep the original permit for yourself. Your permit can be used at multiple places of employment or volunteer locations.

Anyone not possessing the required MAST permit within the allotted timeline may receive a criminal citation with a maximum $500 monetary penalty or up to 90 days in jail or both the fine and imprisonment. Your employer may also incur a monetary fine, license suspension, or both.   

Renew your permit

The MAST permit is good for five years. It is not renewable. To prevent working without a valid permit, it is advised that you take a new course 45 days prior to expiration of your current permit. There is no grace period to obtain a new permit once your permit expires.

If you are unsure about your MAST certification you can check here.

Required Permit FAQs

Below are some common questions we receive from volunteers while they are deciding to participate in concert fundraising. These responses are straight from venue management. We hope this make the process/requirements a little more clear.

Your in person TIPS training (if the individual passes) will get them both TIPS (which is valid for 3 years) and MAST (valid for 5 years)? 


•If someone has just a TIPS certification, do they need to get a MAST certification? 

Realistically, if they have a TIPS, they should have an active MAST as the course provides both and MAST lasts longer. But if they only have TIPS, the need a MAST as well.

•If so, what are their options for both TIPS and MAST (in person and/or online)? 

Everyone can do in person with us for free. If wanted to do online, the cost is $40/person and that is at their own expense. Please make sure they are taking the on-premise one for the online version as that’s the only online version approved by WA. If they have TIPS and just need a MAST, you can go to the WALCB website and they have approved courses there for an additional fee.

TIPS Link:

MAST Link:

•Could you explain the difference in both TIPS and MAST? Everything presented in the TIPS course was identical to the MAST training material but the TIPS course seemed less in depth for Washington specifics. I’ve tried researching this on the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board’s website with no luck in me understanding the distinction between the 2 so I was hoping you could explain it better? 

They are almost identical. TIPS is a national alcohol serving course whereas WA MAST is specific to the state. They go over the same broader details, but TIPS is viewed as additional coverage for anyone taking the class.

updated 6/13/24