Fundraising Intent Form

Why does my group need to declare an intent to raise funds?

The AMBC bylaws were written to provide best-practices and provide transparent support of the school while remaining compliant with district (Auburn) and state (WASBO) rules.   Some specific types of fundraisers require district superintendent or school board approval, and those utilizing the AMBC’s tax-id are reported to the IRS and must match our accounting.  We are also restricted from certain fundraising activities which could impact our non-profit status.

There are also considerations that could negatively impact the groups we support.  A WIAA investigation in a nearby district recently found that a school’s booster club documentation/records did not clear them of participating in some “creative” support activities, which led to sanctions against the school’s sports team.  While they may have meant well, the alleged activities were in violation of league rules and the team was barred from post-season play, coaches lost their jobs, and the booster club was dissolved.  The scandal has led to increased oversight of parent groups, discussion about regulating booster clubs, and has motivated AMBC to better document our activities to be in compliance with our own bylaws.

How else does this intent form help my group?

Oversight by the AMBC board helps protect the organization, the school, the sport/activity activities and individual members, and helps to maximize the potential of some fundraising projects.

  • Checks that no contracts have been entered with school employees or non-officers of AMBC.
  • Checks that the fundraiser complies with district, ASB, State Gambling Commission, Health, tax compliance and other rules.
  • Reducing possibilities that a grant or support is applied for twice (which can disqualify or dilute).
  • Ensures that similar fundraisers by other AMBC groups are not competing with each other.
  • Documents and sets expectations on how money will be handled, to improve record keeping, reduce errors and avoid misunderstandings.
  • Provides details for the AMBC to promote your event through the website, Facebook, email communications, and even combining with other events.

Please complete this online form, which is routed to the AMBC Officers.

This online form replaces the paper form, and lets the Booster Club know about your fundraiser much quicker.  A copy will be sent to your email address.

    Your Name (Contact/Parent-Organizer of fundraiser, not coach or advisor)

    Your Email

    Your Phone

    Activity/Sport/Committee served by this fundraiser

    Designated parent representative for this group (not always the event contact)

    Name of Fundraising Project

    Purpose of this fundraiser?* (* "To make money" is not acceptable. See below)

    Start Date

    End Date

    Final Accounting/Deposit Date

    Projected total deposit (estimate)

    Projected expenses (estimate)

    Describe expenses

    Vendor (if any)

    Vendor Website

    Vendor Representative

    Vendor Phone

    Vendor Email

    Vendor Address

    Is there a contract needed with the vendor?* (*If yes, attach documents below. Only AMBC officers may sign contracts)

    Does this project involve any of the following?
    Students working or sellingTakes place on school propertyFood or beverage service or salesAdvance purchase of product/service from vendorRaffles, Games of Chance, GiveawaysGrant Request from a non-profitRequest for AMBC Tax Docs

    Shall AMBC promote this event on...
    AMBC Website, Calendar, EmailsFacebook or other social mediaOnline Calendars, News Outlets, etc.

    Additional Comments

    Attach files here (allowed formats PDF, TIF, GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG. Max 2MB each)
    (You can convert files to PDF for free HERE. You can compress large PDFs for free HERE.)

    *Note:  For tax and NPO compliance, we must document how the funds will be used.  Please list the specific use for the funds, such as “to pay for training camp” or if not specific, “general support of [sport/activity].”  The BC is not allowed to hold fundraisers which directly provide money (or significant value) to a district employee or individual student unless opportunity is given to all (i.e. scholarships, awards).