Grad Night ’24

AMHS Class of 2022
Grad Night ’24 tickets:

Tickets purchased now-12/20: $49
Tickets purchased 12/21-3/22/24: $109
Tickets purchased 3/23/24-4/19/24: $159

Tickets purchased 4/20/24-6/15/24: $199

*All ticket sales are final, no refunds available.


Grad Night '24 Tickets
Senior's Name

Grad Night ’24 Senior Release Form (double-sided print out)

ALL SENIORS participating in the Grad Night ’24 festivities MUST have a completed Senior Release Form on file with AMHS Booster Club BEFORE signing up for a bus. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Grad Night ’24 Emergency Care Plan (print out)

The Emergency Care Plan (ECP) should only be submitted when a Senior Release Form is returned that indicates a senior has a life-threatening condition. The ECP must be completed by the senior’s parent/guardian and returned to the committee to allow sufficient time to review the form and provide reasonable accommodations.

Grad Night ’24 forms are due BEFORE BOARDING BUSES for Grad Night – NO EXCEPTIONS!!. Completed forms can be turned into the front office anytime during school hours.

For additional assistance please email us at [email protected].

updated 4/20/24