Lots of Boxes Project 2022

aka Thanksgiving meal kits

Friends and neighbors,

We are going to do the Thanksgiving Meal Kit drive again this year!

The Auburn School District counselors will identify 40 needy families to receive the Meal and holiday boxes (last year we were able to do 30, so we are upping our game this year to 40). The schools arrange for delivery or if the recipient prefers to be confidential then they can pick it up at the school.
While the boxes do include meal staples, we also want it to feel special, so we add festive decoration special items, even hand made holiday ornaments.
Boxes will be assembled the weekend before Thanksgiving (Fri. 11/18 – Sun. 11/20/22) and delivered to the families on Monday afternoon before Thanksgiving. We are asking for all donations to be ready to go by 11am on Saturday the 19th so we can count and send our shoppers out to fill in the blanks.
Please don’t hesitate to message us on Facebook @AMHSBooster or email us at AMHSBoosterClub@gmail.com with any questions! We appreciate the generosity of our community in supporting our families in need. Happy holidays!

Click here to view the donations we still need.

The boxes will include:

-Turkeys (getting from Costco on day of delivery, financial donations welcome)
-Large aluminum cooking pans (2 per meal kit, Dollar Store may have these)
-Boxes of Stuffing Mix (2 per meal kit)
-Canned corn (2 per meal kit)
-Canned green beans (2 per meal kit)
-Canned cream of mushroom soup
-Package of Crispy French Fried Onions (the kind that go on traditional green bean casserole)
-5 lb bags of potatoes or 2 boxes of mashed potatoes
-Canned yams (2 per meal kit)
-Cans/boxes of turkey or chicken gravy (3 per meal kit)
-Canned cranberry sauce (2 per meal kit)
-Packages of fresh rolls (Pick up on day of delivery, financial donations welcome)
-1 lb butter/butter cubes
-Canned black olives
-Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider (2 per meal kit)
-Milk, 1/2 Gallon
-Pumpkin Pies (pick up from Costco on the day of delivery, financial donations welcome)
-Canned whipped cream (2 per meal kit)
-Hot Chocolate boxes
-2 Boxes of Jello
-Canned mandarin oranges (2 per meal kit)
-Bags or boxes of Baby Oranges
-Boxes of Cookies (Thanksgiving themed)
-Bags of Candy Corn
-Chip and Dip Combos for nice appetizers
-rolls of aluminum foil (Dollar Store has these)
-rolls of plastic wrap (Dollar Store has these)
-Gingerbread house

Updated 11/3/22